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Be best mobile app development company
Be affordable and professional for customers
Saving customer’s money, time and energy


Total number of HR (Full-time) : 12
Internet: Broadband & 8Mbps
Office Space : 2080 sqft




Founder & CEO


Founder & COO


UI/UX Engineer


Mobile Lead


Web Designer


UI/UX Consultant


Web Engineer


Office Admin


Content Writer

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We develop a one-page business model that captures your vision and goals, and we use it to create a minimum viable product (MVP) that we can immediately start building upon.

Daily Internal Builds


Your project manager meets with the team every day to ensure everyone is meeting goals and getting the support they need.

Weekly Deliverable


The product is in your hands every week. You’ll be able to use it, provide feedback, and discuss challenges with the team.

Monthly Deliverable


We keep one eye on the prize, continually working to meet milestones so we can launch the final product on time.

Dedicated Project Manager


A dedicated project manager will be responsible for your project who can speak English fluently and have the complete technical understanding.

Work Done


As Audacity IT Solutions Limited follow five important methodologies, you will not only get your work is done on time but also, you will save your energy and money.





What’s Audacity IT Solutions Ltd?

“Audacity IT Solutions Limited” is a 12 people software development company in Bangladesh, providing enterprise & customized web applications and mobile software development services to both local and international clients.

We got to experience and interest of working for local public and private firms along with small and medium sized clients located in US, Japan, Canada, UK and other European countries.

We are focused on creating the long-term strategic partnership with Global IT firms whether it’s a large corporation like British Telecom or startups with a tight budget, and help them build and maintain a highly qualitative, timely delivered, and cost-effective offshore software development team.

Why I will work with Audacity IT Solutions Ltd?

Corporate IT firm professional but expensive: You can get a great quality project from a corporate IT firm, but you’ll have to sell an arm and a leg to afford it!

Freelancer cheaper but buggy.You can get an affordable solution from a freelancer, but it probably won’t be as well-made, bug-free and professional.

Audacity IT Solutions affordable & professional: You can have it all with “Audacity IT Solutions Limited” affordable, great quality web, mobile & wearable solutions!

What I will save working with Audacity IT Solutions Ltd?

Money, Time & Energy.

How can I be confident of the quality and reliability?

At “Audacity IT Solutions Limited” quality is the main priority. We do everything to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. We “get into your head” and develop a deep understanding of your needs, wants and expectations. The result is an exceptional product.

What time zone is “Audacity IT Solutions Limited” in?

We are located in +6 GMT time zone. The exact time of contact is certainly whatever suits you best, but it is best to make a time at which you can meet daily. A planned daily meeting makes the development process go much more smoothly.

How many days in a week do you work?

We work 5 days a week. For urgent or emergency situations, a client associate is available to communicate 7 days a week.

What are your payment models?

We have two payment models i.e Fixed Cost and Hourly Cost.
For Fixed Cost, your estimate will be a fixed price that varies with the client requirements.
For Hourly Cost, a dedicated developer will work on your project, which may cut down the cost of development.

How do you deal with urgent bug fixing?

We do our best to avoid programming errors in products delivered to our customers. However, everybody familiar with software development practice knows that from time to time bugs appear even in the highest quality products. We try to fix bugs as soon as possible.

Do we completely own the source code of project?

You completely own source code after we receive 100% payment & open-source code used will remain with the respective owners.

How often does company communicate with clients?

After signing an agreement, we will provide you one project manager who will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you do software testing, verifications and QA services?

Yes, we do a huge amount of software testing: QA, system testing, functionality & feature testing, integration testing, regression testing, web software testing, compatibility testing on various platforms, load and performance testing, test case preparations, execution of test cases, reporting, etc.

What are your payment terms?

For Fixed Rate Projects:
On Project Approval: 50%
After 50% project completion: 25%
After 100% work delivered: 25%

For Hourly Rate Project:
We charge up front for weekly hours depending on how many hours the dedicated developer would work with your project.

How do you assure confidentiality?

To keep your data and information highly confidential, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements between the two parties i.e Company & Client, before you disclose any information to us. Data & information will be shared with our employees & contractors only, who are in-line with our legal framework and company policy.

What if my question is not answered on this FAQ?

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